The Nutritional Science Minefield

We need nutritional science to get alongside ED sufferers, and look for ways to support ad libitum feeding, to facilitate the adding and increasing of intake, and – this is really important – to support them medically when biomarkers go awry, as they are wont to do in recovery, WITHOUT promoting any form of restriction.

Hey, Fat Person

“Hi, I am a complete stranger. I don’t know you, or anything about you. I am however, a fatphobe, and I have a solid sense of my own superiority over other people that enables me to judge them on their appearance. I can tell you, based on my completely biased and inward facing bigotry, without…

Too Little, Too Late.

Early intervention for children with eating disorders is best evidence-based treatment. Yet clinicians are failing to implement this research, further endangering the young people in their care.

Eating (Not Weight) Disorder

No problem can be solved by the same kind of thinking that created it. Albert Einstein.                 

Weight control may help a person reach a target weight, but it does not equal remission. To see improved rates of remission, ED treatment needs to be extricated from within the current paradigm of weight management.

Blame It On The Pastry

“when I was thirteen, and in the grip of an eating disorder that almost cost me my life, I began shoplifting. I did it to be cool, for an adrenaline rush, and because I was hungry. I stole vanilla slices from the counter of a local bakery, where they had been laid out to cool….

+ to –

Someone recently posted a pic of a gorgeous full bodied woman on the catwalk at the New York Fashion Week, asking if plus-size women should be allowed on the catwalk. HAH. Couldn’t pass that moronic question up now, could I? (Allowed… allowed. Hmmm, should any women anywhere be allowed to do anything at any time?…